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a true spirit of the Namibian Atlantic coastline

This Namibian dry gin blends traditional botanicals with !Nara melon, hand-picked seaweed and plants endemic to the world’s oldest coastal desert.  Of the 14 botanicals in our recipe 10 are found locally. Even the citrus has been carefully selected from an organic source and is free from pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Distilled in-house in tiny batches, each bottle of aromatic Stillhouse Gin is individually finished to create a unique work of art and taste.  

The original hand-drawn artwork on the back of the bottle depicts the botanicals used in our gin and was specially created by the talented artist, ceramist and architect Elke le Roux

TASTING:  the nose shows a citrus-forward freshness, echoed on the palate with highlights of delicate florals and the sweeter notes of juniper, merging into a mid palate of a dry, earthy finish.

Available in 375ml and 750ml bottles


About the !Nara

The !Nara (Acanthosicyos horridus) is a thorny shrub that is endemic to the Namib Desert. It is a leafless, thorny, melon-bearing bush which bears small flowers. The fruits are round and melon-like, pale green and spiny on the outside. It has a mass of watery, orange-yellow pulp, which is sweet and aromatic, tasting like avocado or a cross between cucumber and pineapple. The large seeds are white to cream in colour with buttery kernels and contain nutritious oils.

The fruits are harvested as a valuable food source by the Topnaar (#Aonin) living along the Kuiseb river. The seeds are sold as snacks to the local community or fairly traded with Desert Hills, a Swakopmund based company which adds value to the seed sales by cold-pressing a highly sought-after oil that is used in a variety of food and natural cosmetic products. After the oil has been extracted, we use the left-over pulp, which still contains all the aromas and flavours, in our botanical baskets used in the production of Stillhouse gin.

SUSTAINABILITY:   We strive to be environmentally friendly and socially responsible in all aspects of our spirit production. In a quest to secure the !Nara plant for future generations, harvest information is exchanged with the TTA (Topnaar Traditional Authority), and harvester (Desert Hills) participation in plant monitoring and protection, is constantly motivated. The area that is actively harvested is only a fraction of the plants distribution area. Most of the !Nara plants grow in protected National Parks and are therefore not harvested.


 Cold brew Coffee Liqueur

Umber Coffee Liqueur is the inspired synergy of dramatically different passions. The fiery intensity of Two Beards Coffee Roasters fresh-roast coffee is infused in a cold drip syphon - drop by drop - with the spirit of Stillhouse Atlantic. A truly authentic Namibian product, this enchanting cold brew liqueur blends earthy, chocolaty richness with the fleeting notes of summer fruit.

Available in 375ml bottles


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